neat1 «neet», adjective.
1. clean and in order: »

a neat desk, a neat room, a neat dress.

2. able and willing to keep things in order: »

a neat child.

3. well-formed; in proportion: »

a neat design.

4. skillful; clever: »

a neat trick, a neat turn of phrase.

SYNONYM(S): deft, adroit.
5. without anything mixed in it; pure; straight: »

He drinks his brandy neat. The gas is then enriched to the declared calorific value by the automatic addition of neat refinery gas (London Times).

SYNONYM(S): undiluted, clear.
6. Slang. very pleasing; fine: »

a neat party.

7. clear; net: »

a neat profit.

[< Anglo-French neit, Old French net < Latin nitidus gleaming < nitēre to shine]
neat´ly, adverb.
neat´ness, noun.
Synonym Study 1 Neat, tidy, trim mean in good order. Neat suggests cleanness and absence of disorder or litter: »

Her clothes are always neat.

Tidy suggests orderliness: »

She keeps her room tidy.

Trim suggests pleasing neatness and smartness or compactness, proportion, and clean lines: »

That is a trim sailboat.

neat2 «neet», noun, adjective.
–n. pl. or sing. Archaic.
2. an ox, cow, or heifer.
of the ox kind: »

neat cattle.

[Old English nēat]

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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